“I am like Benjamin Button: I was born old, but I will die young”

Anyone would dare to say that he turns 39 on October 2. But the truth is that Zlatan Ibrahimovic He is determined to endorse that, like good wine, it improves over the years. Tonight of Monday, September 21, with “still” 38, scored a double at Milan's debut in the new season against Bologna. Of course, the Swede could not contain his euphoria and joy, which he demonstrated shortly after in statements to the Sky Sports microphones.

Milan Shield / Flag

– Double scored: “It is the second game of the season (they are in the previous Europa League). If I were 20 years old, I would have scored four goals, but” luckily “I have 38”.

– Age (turns 39 in a week and a half): “I am like Benjamin Button: I was born old, but I will die young.”

– Collective action: “The team played well. You can see that we are not 100% yet, but it is important to start on the right foot. The objective is to improve compared to last season, the young players are doing very well. They work, listen and have discipline” .

– Work during the last months: “After the last six months, they (the younger players) know what they have to do. This season we have to think about going game by game, playing with confidence, as if we had a final.”

– Goal of this season: “Our goals this season is to finish as high as possible. Where? That's a secret.”

– Responsibility you have in the team: “I like having this responsibility. I am the first to put pressure on myself. I don't want to talk about my age comparing myself to other players. I want to be judged on equal terms, as if I were 20 years old.”

With his double today, Ibrahimovic has scored 14 goals in his 22 games with Milan since he arrived at the beginning of 2020. Therefore, the Swede continues to destroy numbers, no matter how old he is. His importance, today, in Stefano Pioli's team is capital.