“I am a 150-year-old man who gets around as best he can”

It’s been a month since the actor and director underwent a bone marrow transplant as part of his treatment in his fight against leukemia. A month in which he has remained practically absent from social networks and the media until today. This Monday, Sergio Peris-Mencheta He announced that he has been at home in Los Angeles for four days, where he is still recovering from the after-effects of the operation: “You are a 150-year-old man who moves around as best he can with a host of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea… Everything passes through your body in the space of an hour.”

At 49 years old, she maintains a positive and energetic attitude towards the disease but admits that it is not easy: “I’m still getting by, honestly, I’m not going to lie to you. They didn’t tell me about this phase before, it’s very hard. I’m already home, but I thought they sent you home when you were fine, but no.”he said in Window from Cadena Ser. “I’ve been in hospital for a month since I had the transplant and I left four days ago. Now I’m at home being looked after, this time they’re letting me sleep because I’m not attached to a drip, which is also very much appreciated,” he confessed.

On June 6, he shared a message on social media that left his followers worried. It was the first one after the transplant and the only one until Monday: “I’m mute, I have diarrhea, I have a mouth ulcer, I have bone pain, I have a headache, I’ve been on IVs for six days, I’m producing saliva enough for a silicone company, I have dry eyes… My inner world basically expresses itself like this. Step by step.”.

“Step by Step”

Peris-Mencheta, married to Marta Solaz and father of two children, announced his illness last January. “With a mixture of fear and hope, of desire and fear, of feeling very well accompanied in the adventure and completely alone in the process. Today I feel well and strong, but they say that in a few days the ‘conditioning’ for the transplant will take its toll,” he wrote then. “Today I feel healthy and energetic, but I know that the radiation and chemo that I have ahead of me will run over you like a steamroller. Today I smile. But tomorrow too. Let’s go for it.”