Adi Hutter and the Borussia Monchengladbach have reached a mutual agreement by which the Austrian coach ceases to be coach of the team North Rhine-Westphalia.

Shield/Flag B. MGladbach

Borussia made the announcement just after finishing the Bundesliga 2021/2022in which he finished in tenth position, outside the European positions after a more than discreet campaign in which Hutter52 years old, failed to get the team to meet that goal.

According to the statement made public this afternoon, this decision by mutual agreement is the result of the talks between both parties and the analysis carried out in recent weeks.

“We are of the unanimous opinion that this decision is correct for both parties”, affirmed the sporting director of the Borussia, Roland Virkus“Our task now is to draw the conclusions of the review of the season and initiate the appropriate measures to start preparing for the new campaign,” he said.

Own Hutter indicated to Sky after the match against Hoffenheimin which his team won 5-1, that “after many intense, good and respectful discussions A mutually agreed decision has been reached to go our separate ways.”.

“It’s a shame and a lot of sadness because I felt very comfortable here, but unfortunately we have not achieved what we all imagined in the sporting aspect. I can only thank the club for their openness, honesty and clarity.”