If anyone, in the world of football, asks for Givanildo Vieira de Souza, you will probably not receive an answer. Instead, if you ask for ‘Hulk‘, the head is not going to go to the world of comics and that muscular and spectacular character, if not for a player who shone in Asia, Europe and now he does it at home, in Brazil.

Forward, with a physical power at the level of very few, he put 326 goals in its carrera. Where he played, he scored. Both in Japan, like in China, Portugal, Russia O Brazil. He is currently the highest figure of Athletic miner, leader of the Brasileirao and dreams of being a champion.

How is the Hulk doing at this point in his career?

I feel very good. I am well prepared psychologically and physically. It is very important to unite these two aspects.

Leader in the Brazilian league, they almost reached the final of the Copa Libertadores, how is the team doing?

Last year Atlético “hit the bar” in Brasileirão. The team was very close to being champion and, for more details, the title ended up escaping. This year the club has signed important players who are helping to make a difference: Nacho, Diego Costa and others. The preparation of the team came from the experience gained the previous year. We have great expectations that it will serve as an example of what happened last year, knowing that this year we have a great chance of winning the title and fulfilling this dream of everything. athletic batter, who has been waiting for this important title for 50 years. We are on the right track.

Is this the main objective of winning the Copa Libertadores next year and having a rematch?

A few days ago I read an interview with Rubén Menin (Club fan) where he stated that Atlético enters all competitions to win. And it is that. All the competitions that Galo disputes is to fight for the title, there is no need to comply with the table. So it was in the Libertadores that, unfortunately, due to details, we could not reach the goal, which was qualifying for the final. A penalty missed by me, but with the team playing very well, we had a bit of bad luck there, which ended up causing us to be disqualified, but we kept our concentration.

The Brazilian Championship it has always been our focus, it is not because we left the Libertadores that we changed our focus. From the beginning we want to win, we see it as our goal, just like the Brazil’s Cup, as it was with him Championship miner. It is by working hard and maintaining humility that we will have the opportunity to fulfill this dream of winning the Brazilian Championship and the Brazilian Cup.

What does Porto mean in your career?

I can say that, in terms of visibility in the world of football, because of the name I have, recognized and respected throughout the world, Porto was my “front door”. I started my career playing for Vitória (BRA) and then I went to Japan, I arrived in Porto at 22 years old. There I was on one of the biggest stages where I acted.

I came to Europe from Asian football. I was little known and, in a short time, I managed to earn my space and have respect within the Club and the country, playing the Champions League and making history with Porto. Porto is a club that I have at heart and, for me, it is very gratifying to have an institution that has more than 120 years of history, to have a museum where the “11 chosen” from the history of the Club are located and I was the most voted. There is a statue of me there! It is very gratifying to have this recognition. At Atlético I have tried to do this, have this connection, have this story, build a story with titles to stay marked.

Did you have the opportunity to play in Spanish soccer?

In 2008, when I went to Porto, I had two proposals and I could choose between Porto and Atlético de Madrid. I chose Porto for one episode, where I was in Portugal in 2001 or 2002, and the driver of the team I was in, Vilanovense, invited me to watch a Porto game. I went into the Antas stadium, I think it was a UEFA Cup or Champions League game and everything was full, the house was full. I saw that wonderful, beautiful stage, and I turned to Mr. Arthur (driver) and told him that one day I would play there and make history. When I received the proposal I remembered that moment. Of course, when I came back it was the Dragão stadium. But that was prophesied, I had the opportunity to wear the Porto jersey. Atlético de Madrid is a world-wide respected team, a very great team, but the choice to go to Porto was very well made.

Would you play in European football again if you get the chance?

It is a difficult question to answer at this point. Also because in football everything happens very quickly. I’ve been at Atlético for eight months and it seems like I arrived yesterday. We have to enjoy it to the fullest. I am very happy, I cannot deny it. I am satisfied. It is very gratifying to return to your country after 16 years and to do a job very well done in a club that opened its doors for me, in a club with the greatness that Atlético has. What I can answer is that today I don’t see myself in a club other than Atlético. You never know what will be tomorrow, if I will play in Europe again. But in Brazil, even because of the strong connection I created with Atlético and with the Atlético crowd, I don’t see myself playing for another team here.