Cannabidiol (CBD) is the modern superstar of alternative, herbal treatment of various health issues. It was isolated from hemp in the 1940s, but active research with CBD properties was initiated only in the 21st century, after legal changes around weed. CBD’s therapeutic benefits, such as stress and pain reduction, effective inflammation management, and insomnia relief, have made it a popular ingredient of numerous over-the-counter products. You can now buy CBD caps, CBD oil and tinctures, and a variety of CBD edibles, like gummies, cookies, and protein bars, to seek relief from the symptoms mentioned above. 

A CBD effect worth a separate mention is its ability to treat skin issues. Many experts have noted the positive impact of CBD on eczema, psoriasis, and acne, thus recommending CBD products for people with problematic skin. Thus, it’s not surprising that tons of CBD beauty products have entered the market, each claiming to be the best and offering tons of health value for consumers’ skin. You’re now spoilt for choice, able to buy CBD-infused balms, lotions, face masks, creams, and bath bombs to attend to all aspects of your beauty regimen. 

In this guide, we walk you through the CBD skincare market and show the most important criteria for products’ evaluation. Stay with us to learn what the best CBD beauty products are and what to look for in the CBD beauty products reviews you find online. 

Health Benefits of CBD Beauty Products 

CBD is considered a magical remedy for the skin, as its anti-inflammatory properties ensure effective acne treatment. Besides, CBD oil is known for its antioxidant properties and improvement of skin quality. Thus, users of CBD beauty products often report a visible anti-aging effect and disappearance of age-related and mimic wrinkles. 

As CBD is an ideal nourishing substance, you can reap many benefits when treating your skin from psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. The strong nourishing effect is good for the face and the entire body, so you can find many body care products, like body butter or lotion. The calming properties of CBD also make it ideal for use in creams and lotions for people with sensitive skin prone to redness and dryness. 

So, here is a list of benefits you should normally expect from using CBD beauty products: 

  • Inflammatory acne management. CBD treats skin redness and swelling well. So, you can make your skin look much better, even if you struggle with inflammatory acne
  • Breakout reduction. CBD treats breakouts and helps minimize the skin inflammation they cause. With regular CBD treatment, the number of breakouts may also reduce to a minimum. 
  • Rosacea minimization. CBD is a universal remedy for skin inflammation, so it can calm your rosacea and improve skin quality. 
  • Neutralization of free radical damage. The prolonged effect of free radicals usually weakens the skin. You can reduce that damaging effect and strengthen your weakened skin’s tone with CBD effects.  
  • Better oil production regulation. Many users suffer from excess sebum, which causes skin problems and encourages acne and breakouts. CBD positively affects the hormones responsible for oil production regulation, thus reducing the problem’s acuteness.
  • Eczema treatment. Though CBD as such doesn’t treat eczema, it can alleviate the unpleasant symptoms and manifestations of eczema on the skin, such as irritation and inflammation. Regular CBD use also helps balance skin conditions and address psoriasis and dermatitis. 
  • Better hormonal balance. CBD’s ability to act as an adaptogen effectively minimizes the stress hormones’ impact on the human skin. For instance, kinase and cortisol are released at moments of stress and negatively affect various organ systems, including the skin. CBD neutralizes that hormonal effect and balances the user’s body.  
  • Better hydration. CBD is well-known for its moisturizing properties, so it can be effectively used for skin hydration and dryness relief. 

Risks and Precautions 

Though CBD is full of health bonuses and benefits, it’s still vital to keep a couple of side effects and potential risks in mind. 

  1. Skin type. CBD is advertised as a universal skin remedy for everyone, but the strength of the effect depends on your skin type. CBD possesses a soothing, nourishing effect that is best felt on dry, dull skin. Thus, if your skin is oily or you don’t have visible health problems, don’t expect any miraculous effects from CBD-infused products. 
  2. Age. CBD is not intoxicating, as all the “high” effects come from the hemp compound called THC. However, not all CBD-infused products use an isolate in their production. If there is a full-spectrum CBD in the ingredients, the risk of receiving up to 0.3% THC is present. Besides, CBD oil often contains a rich set of terpenes and flavonoids that can create a slight entourage effect. Thus, CBD beauty products are not recommended for use by people below 18 years of age. 
  3. Alcohol. As CBD still needs to be researched, you should be cautious about the beauty product’s ingredients and avoid items that contain both CBD and alcohol (e.g., skin lotions). Manufacturers of CBD products experiment with the components to see what works better or doesn’t work at all. Such products increase the likelihood of skin inflammation and are sure to reduce the effect of CBD or bring it down to zero. 

Your CBD Beauty Product Checklist 

Now, it’s time to learn to choose CBD beauty products without health risks and overpaying for empty promises. Many brands use unethical CBD extraction methods or waste money on marketing to promote their products instead of producing truly organic and efficient products. Thus, it would be best to do your due diligence before choosing a CBD product to derive maximum value from CBD and consume it safely.  

#1 Check the CBD Extract’s Chemical Composition

The first thing to remember is whether you’re using pure CBD or hemp oil containing CBD and many other hemp-derived components. A bit of chemistry knowledge is needed to make the proper assessment. This way, you will learn that CBD is extracted from hemp plants in the form of powder and is further mixed with oil-like ingredients to make CBD application simpler. CBD oil thus fits treating acne, psoriasis, eczema, and skin rash much better than hemp oil due to the purity of its contents and a low risk of side effects. Hemp oil is also beneficial for the skin, but its use is typically limited to topical skin moisturization. 

#2 Test the CBD Product with a Small Amount 

CBD comes with many health benefits and values, and most people tolerate CBD intake well. Still, it’s a potent chemical compound that can also produce side effects, so it’s better to know them and monitor your state to avoid unpleasant sensations. The most frequent CBD side effects are dry mouth, drowsiness, diarrhea, and fatigue. Some users also report a change in appetite and weight. These side effects can be expressed even after using a CBD beauty product, so make sure you start with a minimal dose and watch your state before proceeding to regular consumption. 

#3 Conduct a Rigorous Quality Review 

It’s vital to review all data about the product that the manufacturer places on the label and publishes on the official website. As CBD production is a strictly regulated industry, the company should have all documentation visible and readily available to health-conscious consumers. So, you need to check the THC content (it’s legal to have under 0.3% THC in CBD beauty products, but you may need to find a zero-THC product if you’re THC-concerned). Besides, ensure the company has a third-party lab test for its components’ safety and purity (it’s a good sign if the independent lab is ISO/IEC 17025-accredited). The test should also cover the presence of pesticides, microbes, and mold in the organic components – ideally, the COA results should certify that there are no such ingredients in your product. 

CBD Beauty Products FAQ

How to use CBD beauty products? 

The principles of CBD-infused beauty products’ use are generally the same as with beauty products without CBD. You will most often come across CBD serums and creams, which need to be applied in layers, starting with the thinnest texture and moving on to the thickest. However, it’s recommended to consult your dermatologist before using CBD beauty products, as CBD can produce side effects on sensitive skin. 

Is CBD dangerous for health? 

No, CBD is not intoxicating, and most people tolerate it well, regardless of the administration mode. However, medical practitioners caution against people’s careless use of CBD beauty products on serious medications, as CBD can interact with some of them. Thus, you must consult a doctor about using CBD if you’re already on prescription medications. 

What to consider when choosing a CBD product? 

Besides the certificates and tests we’ve mentioned above, users choosing a CBD beauty product should keep the CBD concentration and customer reviews in mind. It’s always better to double-check the manufacturer’s reputation, as buying a CBD product from an unethical, dubious brand is a health risk. Finally, the price-quality check will help you ensure the product’s optimal choice without overpaying for marketing.