How To Bet On The Belmont Stakes 2022

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The Belmont Stakes is the longest and oldest of the three classic horse races (together with the Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby) that comprise the Triple Crown of American horse racing (along with the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes). The Belmont Stakes, first held in 1867 and named after businessman, diplomat, and sportsman August Belmont, was established in his honor.

Throughout its history, it has been run over various distances and tracks. But it’s been hosted at Belmont Park, just outside of New York City, since 1905, and the course has been 1.5 mi. (approximately 2,400 m) in length since 1926. 

Bet on Belmont Stakes

While betting on horse racing might be pretty straightforward, there is also a more complicated technique to wager on the horses. 

At the same time, novice bettors can just pick a winner and enjoy the race, additional ways to win. So let’s examine the various ways to wager on horse racing in advance of the Belmont Stakes.

Win, Place, Show

The most straightforward and standard method of betting on horse racing is win, place, or show. These wagers are placed on the finish position in the Belmont Stakes.


The simplest straightforward horse racing wager is the “Win” wager, which is only profitable if a horse finishes first in the race.


A “place” bet is betting on whether a horse will come in first or second in a particular race. Although the payment is not nearly as large as a “win” bet, it is a welcome bonus for any bettor.


“Show” bets are paid out if your horse finishes in the top three of the race. This is an excellent strategy for bettors to “hedge” their stakes and protect their profits. If you believe a horse is going to perform well, but you are unsure whether or not it will win, placing a “show” bet is an excellent way to participate. Long shots can be pretty profitable on “show” bets.

Vertical Exotic Bets

Win, place, and show bets on horse racing are the most conventional and popular types of wagering on the sport. If you want to learn more about horse betting, seasoned horse racing enthusiasts will frequently seek exotic bets, including parlays, to get their feet wet before moving to the next level. Vertical exotic bets are wagers on a single race that include numerous selections.


If you place an exact bet, you will select the horses that will finish first and second in a race. The payments rise in proportion to the number of horses included in the wager.


A trifecta betting is a level up from an exacta bet in terms of odds. Bettors must correctly anticipate the top three winners in the race, which is not always simple if a long shot simply makes a splash in the race.


As you might expect, a superfecta comprises the first four horses to cross the finish line in a race, and it is here that bettors stand to gain the most money.

Superfectas are difficult to predict. A superfecta calculator can at least quickly tell you how much your bet will cost.

Super High Five

The first five horses to complete the race are the subject of an unsurprisingly popular super high five wager, and even the most seasoned horse racing bettors will find this challenging.

What is Pari-Mutuel betting?

Your Belmont Stakes wagers are pooled together. Each cent wagered on the final leg of the Triple Crown is added to a pool, which is later shared among all bettors on the winner. Your stake decides your share of the collection compared to other winning bettors.

Horse betting odds reflect the horses on which the most money has been wagered. Favorites get the shortest odds because most bets in the pool are on them, which means that the collection of money wagered on the race will be spread among the most significant number of bettors possible.

Belmont Stakes odds will keep changing until it’s started

Belmont Stakes betting sites offer odds throughout the build-up to the race, once the pool starts, and throughout the day of the event, right up until the race begins. How they fluctuate reveals whether horses are gaining or losing popularity with bettors.

Fractional odds

Horse betting sites offer fractional odds (2/1, for instance) instead of the Vegas odds (e.g., +200) offered by sportsbooks. They are easily comprehended as follows:

If the number to the left of the / is greater than the number to the right, you wager to the right to win the number to the left.

For instance, a $1 wager on a 2/1 winner returns $2 (plus your initial $1 deposit).

When the number to the right of the / is greater than the number to the left, you continue to wager to the right to win the number to the left.

For instance, an $11 wager on a winner with closing odds of 8/11 earns you $8 (plus you retain your $11 commitment).

Final Thoughts

The Belmont Stakes holds the distinction of being the longest horse race in history, and as a result, there are numerous betting types and betting methods that bettors can employ during the race. To achieve the best odds, start with the simplest and most popular sorts of betting before branching out into more exotic types of wagering.