How much does it cost to eat at DiverXO? Dabiz Muñoz raises the price of his restaurant’s menu by 23%

Madrid chef Dabiz Muñoz has raised his DiverXO menu by 23.28%. The price for enjoying his creations goes from 365 to 450 euros. His restaurant in the capital, the fourth best according to the acclaimed list of The World’d 50 Bestremains the most expensive in Spain with three Michelin stars. It is published The country.

With this increase, Muñoz’s restaurant is moving away from the prices of 14 other three-starred restaurants in Spain according to the famous French guide. The prices of their respective menus range from 160 euros to 395, with 400 being a barrier that only DiverXO has surpassed. It pairs its tastings with a wine catalogue that remains at the same price: 300 euros. The premium menu, 600.

Please note that this increase in the ticket will begin to apply to reservations made from September of this year, as published by the newspaper citing sources from the company. They will not be reflected, therefore, in current reservations. This increase in prices has occurred days after Dabiz backed out of his plans to open the DiverXO restaurant in La Finca, the exclusive urbanization of Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), after projecting an investment of 14 million euros at the beginning of the year, as reported by the chef himself on his networks.

The ranking of the best restaurants in the world, The World’d 50 Best This year, Spain has been placed at the top: of the first four on the list, three are Spanish. Starting with Disfrutar (Barcelona), followed by Etxebarri (Axpe, Vizcaya), the French Table by Bruno Verjus; and in fourth place, the aforementioned DiverXO by Muñoz.

To make a comparison, eating at Disfrutar, the house of Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casaña, costs 255 euros per diner if you choose the Disfrutar Classic menu, made up of creations that have become ‘classics’ of the house. The pairing, with a selection of the most suitable wines (there is also a semi-dealcoholized pairing with wines with a very low percentage of alcohol), is 145 euros per diner. They also offer ‘The Living Table‘, a unique menu for the entire table, adapted to allergies, intolerances and preferences of the diner upon prior request, for a number of between one and six people. Prices: 1,000 euros for one person. For two, 500 euros each. For three, 400 each. For four, 375 each. For five or six: 350 each.