For a few days the strike of the workers of the auxiliary metal industries of Cádiz has been making the news. These workers and their companies, which provide services to large companies such as Airbus, Navantia or Acerinox, They have been on indefinite strike since November 16 due to the lack of agreement on the collective agreement, which expired at the end of 2020.

Unions and businessmen, represented by FEMCA (Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of Cádiz and Algeciras), have been meeting for several days without reaching an agreement.

Workers understand that the rise in the CPI has reduced purchasing power to their salaries and reviewing the painful, toxic and dangerous plus, while the businessmen affirm that increasing them more would reduce competitiveness.

And it is that the workers of Cádiz in this sector are among the best paid in Spain and Andalusia, as revealed in the report ‘Collective Bargaining in the Metal Industry in 2018’, prepared by Confemetal.

Salaries from 1,100 to 1,900 euros plus bonuses

According to this report and the agreement that is now being renegotiated, the metal laborers working in Cádiz are the best paid in all of Andalusia: 11.66 euros per hour, almost two more than the national average only surpassed by the Navarrese. The amount per hour is higher than that of the peons in Seville, it charges 10.55 euros per hour, or compared to 10 euros in Malaga.

In addition, the agreement in Cádiz also includes four extra payments compared to the average of two, according to the employer.

Cadiz engineers in the sector charge 14.74 euros for each hour of work, 3 euros more than the pawns. Cádiz is also the province that has the shortest salary difference between laborers and engineers, the national average being 6.

With these prices / hour, the salary of a laborer who works 35 hours a week could be around the average 1,790 euros on average gross, plus bonuses.

The provincial agreements vary according to the group between 1,123 euros per month for assistants to 1,887 for engineers, again gross and without bonuses.