How Good Was Zidane In His Prime?

Zidane is known around the world as one of the best footballers of all time. Some people even say that he was the very best. However, how good was he really in his prime? At one time, even people who would rather play bingo than football had heard of the great Zinedine Zidane. Yet, these days, the youth of today have often never heard the name, let alone know anything about his playing technique or his successes on the pitch. However, the one-time manager of Real Madrid managed to accomplish something that no other football coach had ever done before – he won 3 UEFA Champions League titles in a row. So, here, we’ll take a closer look at some of Zidane’s greatest achievements and evaluate whether or not he is truly deserving of his lasting reputation.

Elevating Football Into Art

Not only did Zidane manage to win three consecutive UEFA Champions League titles as a manager, during the 2016-2017 season he also won an impressive La Liga title against one of Barcelona’s most competitive teams in living memory. Arguably, his skill on the pitch was such that he elevated football to a whole new level of artistic ability that can be emulated by few players worldwide. With his unique playing style, Zidane could be spotted from a distance, playing the beautiful game in the most beautiful way.

Zidane vs Ronaldinho

Some people compare Zidane with Ronaldinho in an attempt to work out which of the two deserves the accolade of top footballer of all time. While Ronaldinho is younger than Zidane, the comparisons arise due to them both having played in the same position. Both also played for Spanish sides, although one was the new millennium’s biggest legend in Barcelona while the other remains one of Real Madrid’s most important figures. Both are also considered to be magicians with a football, making the sport look easy. Yet their playing styles different dramatically. While Ronaldinho is known for his lightning speed, Zidane’s passes and moves were slower but meticulous in their precision.

Zidane’s Career History

When it comes to accomplishments, Zidane managed to win all of the key accolades that most European footballers can only dream of during their career. One of his earliest successes was leading France in 1998 to their historic trophy victory in the World Cup. This was followed up by his UEFA Euro 2000 win that took him from legendary status in his native France to worldwide notoriety.

It was only a matter of time before he received an offer from football history’s biggest club, Real Madrid, and it was for this famous Spanish team that he achieved some of his greatest success in the UEFA Champions League, especially with the well-known final volley in 2002.

Yet, it isn’t all about Zidane’s trophies – much of his success was due to his influence on the game over his prime years. In 2006, he retired when he was at the peak of his game. At the time of his retirement, he was known as the world’s best player and it is this reputation that has continued to follow him for more than a decade after he left the pitch. It’s no wonder that he still has so many fans around the world, and those of us who have reached a certain age will always associate his name with the very best in football.


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