As estimated in 2022, Fantasy Premier League has over eight million active players, and the loyal base of fans includes both older and younger generations. NFL fantasy football seems to be even more popular, with over 40 million players. Football is also extremely popular among fans of American Football who enjoy watching their favorite NFL teams competing against their biggest rivals. Fantasy Football is not only bringing millions of football fans together but also makes watching sports way more exciting.

To play fantasy football, you do not need extensive sports knowledge or special skills. To get started, you just sign up for an account on the official NFL or Premier League fantasy football site. Registering for an account is free. Joining all NFL leagues is also free, but you as a team owner can pay a small fee to be eligible for awesome prizes based on your team’s performance.

Fantasy Sports – How Many Fans of Fantasy Sports?

If you want to finally get on the bandwagon and start playing fantasy football, introduces you to all the best fantasy sports sites. In this section, we discuss why fantasy football is so popular. If you have never played any fantasy football game, you have probably heard your friends or coworkers discussing their teams.

In fantasy football, you manage your team of real-life professional football players who compete in the most successful football leagues in the world. At the start of every season, you pick your team, and you can make some changes every week. Essentially, you decide who leaves and stays on your team weekly based on real-life events in the NFL or another football league you are following.

There is a whole range of different options for fans of fantasy football, including ESPN Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, NFL Fantasy Football, CBS Sports Fantasy, Fantasy Premier League, UEFA Fantasy Football, and more. As detailed in this survey from 2019, over 59.3 million individuals in Canada and the United States played fantasy sports. According to the same survey, 81% of fantasy sports players are males, and 19% are females. The same survey also revealed that around 50% of all fantasy sports players are between eighteen and thirty-four.  

Fantasy Football Dominating the Fantasy Sports Industry

According to a August 2021, over 40 million individuals residing in the United States played fantasy football. The same report released by ESPN revealed that over 20 million people from India also play fantasy football. 

Fantasy football is also extremely popular in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and Italy. The fantasy sports market exploded in popularity in 2021 to reach gross revenues of over $22.3 billion, and this positive trend is expected to continue in the months and years to come.

Fantasy football is still the most popular fantasy sports field, and there are several reasons behind this. First of all, when compared to other sports, fantasy football is more manageable. 

For instance, while teams in the MLB play over one hundred and sixty games per season, teams in the NFL play sixteen matches per reason, most of which are held on Sundays. For those who play fantasy football, this means fewer distractions during the week and more time to focus on other things.

The frequency of matches played in other sports leagues makes it difficult to keep up with everything that is going on. Secondly, the NFL remains the most popular sports league in the USA, so it naturally has more fans. The same is true for European fantasy sports fans who prefer fantasy football over other options. Football is generally easier to keep up with than other sports, such as baseball, ice hockey, and basketball.