Hope Solo reveals her beginnings in the United States women's team, current two-time World Champion and with four World Cups in total in their showcases. The legendary former American soccer player detailed in The BBC Players He was surprised by the costumes he found when he first entered the Stars and Stripes team. “You run into a bad girl club. Most of the players come from wealthy white families. That's the culture of the women's national team. It is a very privileged white culture, “he said.

The historic exporter is very critical of this 'culture'. “I remember Carli Lloyd and I always said 'We have to change this culture. She and I were very welcoming, we were not bully. We were very nice to the girls who came. “The same did not happen for them. She only relates that both Carli Lloyd and she had a difficult start in the US National Team and that they even suffered intimidation. “People weren't nice to us. They weren't welcoming, they didn't invite you to sit at the table. It was difficult to grow up in the national team in the social aspect, “says the former player.

“Before, you fought with claws. But that made the team great.”

In this sense, Solo makes a distinction with the current United States National Team and considers that the environment he experienced in his beginnings as an international helped him to be tougher. “It's a much more open and welcoming environment, it's an easier transition. Now the young women have the way paved most of the time. You can't push them in the same way you used to push before to be really competitive. It's a completely different environment and I don't think it's always a good thing. I think it creates softer athletes. “

In Solo's conversation, who made these statements through a podcast, Carli Lloyd also intervened, historic USWNT captain. The forward, who is still active, supported the statements of her former teammate in the US team and also pointed out that the harshness of that dressing room helped her to be stronger. “Now it is a much more welcoming environment for them. Before, you fought with claws. But that's what made the team great for so many years. It was not easy”.

On the other hand, Hope Solo also addressed the problem of equal pay, a great fight that several international players have led with the United States for years. “I think you have to work, and when I say work, I mean legal documents, I mean meeting with politicians in Congress or the Senate. I'm tired of talking about it. Things have to change. Look at the black vote, look at the rights of women to vote, they had to fight for it. It was never simply given“said the exporter, who believes that not” enough is being done “to achieve equal pay.