his shy reaction when clarifying the rumors about his possible new relationship

Sofía Cristo feels “happy”. It’s been a few months since she was betrayed by her brother, Angel Christ Jr, who continues to curse her and her mother, Bárbara Rey. However, in other aspects of her life things are going from strength to strength, as she stated this Friday in Public mirror. In the program they have slipped that a new “illusion” has come into her life, and the DJ has not denied it. She claims to be single, which does not mean that she is in love with her.

Gema López has reported that Cristo is seeing a person he is trying to “protect”. According to the journalist, it is an anonymous person who “only those close to” the collaborator “know.” “How he hides…”, she commented on the set, well, after sharing these details Christ, she reacted with a shy laugh. “You are all a picture,” she said.

“I’m happy, very happy. I’m open to love, but I’m single. I don’t have a partner,” she said, although she has not denied her feelings. “But I am in an open moment, in which I let myself be loved and give affection. “I am very jealous of my privacy.”he explained, between laughs.

“It’s the only part of my life that I can keep private, and I try to protect the people who come close to me a lot. and who want to share something special with me. When this happens to me, I want to be very protective of whoever comes into my life,” she noted.

13 years ago, Sofía Cristo began a relationship with Nagore Robles which lasted four years. In 2013, each one went their own way. She then dated the Brazilian for two years Bruna Malzoni, who announced their breakup without specifying the reasons. Since then, although it seems that he has had some illusions, We have not met a stable partner.