his return to the palace balcony in a photo for history

The most anticipated photo of the 10th anniversary of Felipe VI on the Throne: the Kings and their daughters on the balcony of the Throne Room of the Royal Palace of Madrid. The line-up of events begins with a military parade, changing of the guard at the King’s House and music.

This Wednesday, June 19, is Don Felipe’s big day. From the terrace of San Gil, with the palace to our right, the media followed the Solemn Relay of the Guard. We share space with Captain Juan Gallego, speaker of the event, who narrates each step from his microphone.

Every second counts. The Kings and their daughters have arrived in two classic Rolls. They have made their entrance from the main door of the square. It was 11:20 in the morning. The cars have entered the palace through the Embajadores Hall. There has been a ten minute wait from their arrival until the Royal Family has appeared on the balcony of the Throne Room.

Don Felipe has been at the head of the Head of State for ten years. For this reason, Casa Real has also created the X Anniversary emblem that will be valid for one year. It is one more symbol of this commemoration. Attached, as we have said, is the motto: “Service, commitment and duty.”