Iago Aspas has gone through the microphones of ‘El Larguero’ by Cadena SER to talk about Celta’s season, if he would renew Luis Enrique and if he would be called to go to the National Team.

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Renew Luis Enrique: “Given what he has been doing so far, yes. He did a good job in the Eurocup. I would renew him.”

Why don’t you go to the Selection: “Of course, sometimes I ask myself. It is a decision of the coach. Each one of us has a coach inside. I would not have taken me in this break … But in the last Eurocup yes”.

Give up: “Never give up. I’m going to try to keep doing it well and see if the opportunity comes.”

Position: “With the 4-3-3 I see myself more on the wing than in the lead. In the last games he has put Morata and De Tomás, who are newer.”

Comfortable: “It depends on the type of game. If there are spaces I prefer to be more off the hook. If it is more closed I prefer to play with a striker who fixes the centrals.”

Match against Sweden: “I expected a little more from the National Team. They were gripped. Sweden had studied the National Team well, which plays the same against all rivals. Forsberg had the two clearest chances.”

Sensation after the goal of the tie to three with Barça: “Joy and satisfaction”.

Coudet: “There is always a bit of concern. The feelings are good and more after drawing at three and not giving up the game for lost.”

What is missing from Celta: “What has killed us has been the success in the areas where the game is decided. Seeing us from behind on the scoreboard has cost us a lot. In give-and-take matches our game comes in better.”

Nico: “He looks tremendous. His father was one of the best players in the history of Galicia, but Nico can be better. Seeing his performances he is qualified to be with the Absolute.”

Pedri, Gavi, Nico: “Pedri is somewhat more done, but seeing the projection I would stay with Nico. He has more physique, power. Marcos Llorente is a style saving the distances”.

Berizzo and Coudet: “They have similarities. In the first matches what Coudet captures makes us all go to one”.

Sports director: “I like it a lot, but I want to enjoy football for a couple more years.”

Locker room in the teams: “Dani Alves has been in good and bad situations and is going to provide veterancy”.

Xavi: “His arrival is very good. He has no experience like Guardiola did not have in his day. As long as he is half as good as a footballer …”.