His emotion as a father, nods to the National Team and “the flashes of Lamine Yamal”

Don Felipe began his speech at the Princess of Girona Awards with words of encouragement for the Spanish national team, which has reached the final of the European Championship after its epic victory over France. “The first thing I want to say is that what the Queen and I are seeing here in Lloret during these hours is a generation, to which Leonor and Sofia belong, with desire, tremendous drive and great ability. It is the same thing that we are also seeing these days in Germany, in a team, in a young group that transmits to us enthusiasm, joy and security. It is this generation that we see here and there that makes me – makes us – have so much confidence in the future of our country.” And he made a mention of the Spanish goalscorer, “the brilliance of Lamine at 16 years old.”

That, drive and enthusiasm, joy and confidence are the words that the King has chosen to speak about his daughters’ generation, the centennial. The monarch continued: “Listening to the Princess’s words, recognising and admiring the extraordinary talent of these new leaders in innovation, creativity, conviction, perseverance, commitment and, above all, generosity; listening to her words – I say – makes me proud as a King and thrills me as a father. Leonor, Sofia: Thank you!”

Still remembering the tenth anniversary of his proclamation, the monarch said to his daughters: “We see you, your mother and I, every day more responsible, more attentive and interested in what happens, in what we do as an Institution and in how to help do it better and in how to continue improving in our desire not only to fulfill the institutional objectives but to get involved in society in so many ways. One of them, which motivates us so much and which we have experienced with such intensity and joy today, is the Fundació Princesa de Girona.”