His applauded response to those who criticize his physical change

Laura Scanes This year she has repeated her favourite destination: Menorca. The influencer travels to the island every summer to disconnect from her obligations and, at the same time, share with her followers the plans she makes in this Balearic paradise. In some recent photographs she appears in a bikini, which has exposed her to unpleasant comments, including those criticizing her physique..

The Catalan has shown this in her Instagram stories, where she has published a message that a user left her and her response. “I’ve thought about it better and I’m going to answer you.”“I may regret it, but here it goes,” he added, admitting that, at first, he was going to answer with a “what do you care?”

“Yes, I have gained weight. In fact, I have gained about 7 kilos compared to August last year. August I spent crying, not eating, completely unhappy and I ended up weighing the same as when I was 18 years old”Risto Mejide’s ex has expressed.

“I wasn’t at my real weight. But the comments I received were: oh, what a great body, how thin, how pretty…”, the model continued. And she added: “Yes, I have gained weight. But I am healthy, mentally, calm, stable, healthy, without anxiety, without suffering, happy. So before judging someone for their weight, without knowing their personal circumstances or history, it is better to save yourself the trouble because you don’t know what stage they are in and the damage we can do.” The young woman thanked the expressions of support.

The young woman has not explained what the reasons were that made her lose weight, but it is worth remembering that Last September she announced her breakup with singer Álvaro de Lunawith whom she had been for less than a year.

In the months following the breakup, both of them exchanged accusations through their social networks and even through other means, well The musician dedicated his latest songs to his ex, whom he did not leave in a very good place.