Hicham's Calvary, far from remitting, is accentuated. The club reported this Thursday that the Moroccan winger had to withdraw from training the day before due to discomfort. He underwent an MRI that has determined that he suffers from “muscle injury to his right quadriceps. Evolution pending”. A non-stop.

This player has been the meat of injuries. From his beginnings in the youth team of Malaga, his overloads in the quadriceps were constant. After making the jump to the first team and wasting football, talent and speed, the injury problems continued. Already last season he had problems derived from Covid. He recovered and reappeared against Castellón on the second day of last season. But in his first race he broke down. Another muscle injury in the rectus anterior quadriceps, this one grade II.

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He reappeared three months later against Almería and started the Cup match against Coruxo where he only lasted 34 minutes. This time it was the left hamstrings. Since then he has not had minutes and has always been between cottons and although it seemed that he could be ready, he has not gotten into a call for José Alberto after another relapse more hamstring problems

Hicham, who this season has gone on to have a contract and a professional number, the 11th contract ends in June 2022. He is, along with Lombán, the only player left in the squad for the 2018-19 season, the first after relegation to Second. He appeared in 15 games, which rose to 20 in the following season, for just two in 20-21. A quinary for this great player.