Hiba Abouk has kept silent since last February it was known that her husband, Achrafi Hakimiwas being investigated by the French prosecutor’s office for an alleged sexual assault on a young woman. Everything would have allegedly happened at her house in Paris while the actress was on vacation with her two children in Dubai.

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Now the protagonist of Prince has given an interview to InStyle in which he talks about his future without once mentioning the name of the Paris Saint-Germain player. Statements that feed divorce rumors. For example, she acknowledges that she intends to return to live in Madrid after having moved to the French capital in 2021 due to the signing of her husband at the Parisian club: “Parisians are somewhat gray like the weather there. I miss Madrid and I think I’ll be back soon.”

The answer about how he imagines his future is especially relevant in the midst of the legal process that Hakimi is going through: “I am very much for living in the now. If we spend our lives scared of what the future will bring us, when do we enjoy the present? I am always in I don’t even know about the present and what happens tomorrow. I like to flow and live in the here and now”. A way of life that he hopes to transmit to the little ones Amin y Naimwho accompany him everywhere: “I have always traveled with my children; I like to sleep under their roof. I have just stopped breastfeeding with him (Naím) and now I have a little more freedom. I want to go back to work and there will be filming away from home; I have to get used to it”.

Regarding the values ​​that he instills in them, Hiba highlights three: “Respect for everything, that they be loyal and do things with love.” “I believe in education based on empathy and understanding. And thanks to them, I also connect with those values; I want to set an example for them. They have made me a better person and more aware of day-to-day life, of small details. There is no a specific moment to have a detail with someone; we must do it daily, take care of our environment with love”, he concludes.

The ‘Hakimi case’

All eyes are on Achraf Hakimi after being charged with rape on March 3. The Nanterre Prosecutor’s Office kept an investigation open against the actress’s husband after a young woman went to a Val-de-Marne police station stating that the footballer had sexually abused her on February 25.

An accusation that the PSG right-back categorically denies, as one of his best friends declared to Fiesta. The young man had a chance to speak to Hakimi before the news broke fully and he assured him that “he had been set up” and that he “felt cheated”. The indictment does not mean that Achraf will be prosecuted and the presumption of innocence prevails until he is sentenced, in the case, not yet confirmed, that there is a trial. But, according to French justice, it means that “there are serious or concordant indications” that the Moroccan national team player was the author of the attack.

The young woman, with whom the athlete began to have contact on networks on January 16, did not formalize the complaint at the police station but the Prosecutor’s Office took charge of the case due to the “seriousness of the events reported and the notoriety of the accused.” According to the girl’s story, the soccer player contacted her through Instagram and invited her to her home on Saturday, February 25, when her wife and her two children were on vacation.

“At the footballer’s house is where things got out of control. Achraf kissed her on the mouth, lifted her clothes and kissed her breasts despite her refusal. He practiced vaginal touching despite, again, that she resisted, “he published the middle french The Parisian. how we publishthe Spanish-Moroccan lawyer, Fanny Colin, has already sent a statement to the media describing the woman’s acts as an “extortion attempt” and ensures that his client is “serene and available to justice.” At the moment, Hakimi continues training with the Parisian team.