Tom Brady
Tom Brady

All of you must surely remember the day when Atlanta Falcons were blowing a 28-3 lead while playing against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. It was almost three years ago if you can remember the feeling that you may have at that time.

Well, it is sure that a lot of things may be different since that day of February but some things remain the same. If we talk about the things that did not change a bit then it is obviously the Flacons and their team. The Falcons team members are still enjoying the crushing weight of such a big blowing lead when they were playing against Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and their team.

Tom Brady Trolls Falcons With GIF

Now, Tom Brady is a member of Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he recently did share a post over social media platform. It was particularly a GIF file that was really awesome for all the fans and viewers. Tom Brady did share it over Twitter on Tuesday in order to troll Falcons. It all did happen after ESPN sets Tom Brady up which is really great.

The original tweet was from ESPN who intends to make it a part of the larger viral sensation. ESPN expects people to post photos of what they are expecting of 2020 in this week over social media. But it did turn out somewhat differently than the expectation.

Tom Brady did decide to use Michael Jordan as his GIF. He was also seen in Buccaneer’s colors on Tuesday for the first time after he did sign up with the group. It seems like the quarantine is not able to stop Brady from posting GOAT status to troll Falcons.

Fans and viewers are really enjoying the trolls and they are sharing it with their friends and other groups. Social media surely can be useful to people in many unimaginable ways.


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