“Her husband did not know, they are going through a great crisis”

It has been ten years since the model was seen on a television set but tonight she is one of the guests Friday. Sofia Mazagatos Thus she returns to the front line of information, at 49 years old and after giving birth to her second daughter, Amanda, last December. A decision that has not pleased her husband, the businessman. Tito Pajareswith whom he has had a discreet relationship for 15 years: “This interview that is going to be broadcast tonight is going to give a lot of people to talk about, but before it is broadcast it has already caused a problem within the model’s family”said journalist Tino Torrubiano.

She assures that Sofía Mazagatos did not consult her decision with the father of her daughters. What’s more, she didn’t even warn him: “Tito Pajares was watching TV on Wednesday afternoon and saw that what was going to happen tonight was being advertised, that his wife had given an interview. Her husband did not know anything about this interview”has stated in This is life.

Shortly after, the news was confirmed by the talk shows themselves. Fridaywhich added: “The relationship is not as idyllic as it might seem”. They revealed that Sofía and Tito are going through a serious crisis and although they continue to share a house, they live their lives separately: “The relationship is broken.”

A return in style

That first promotion that the network has previewed shows Sofía sitting on the sofa that Ángel Cristo or Fran Rivera once occupied. A ‘scoop’ interview in which Mazagatos remembers how she started her career: “My life changed in 24 hours. Young, beautiful, successful women, life was going well for us, it was a very hard time. In the 90s there were many kamikazes, a lot of bad temper, anything was worth it”, he confesses. Crowned Miss Madrid and Miss Spain, she was one of the most popular figures on the small screen, where she presented the television show At noon, joy, replacing Leticia Sabater. She also tried her luck in the world of acting and worked in series such as Gloria Dance Academyalong with Lina Morgan, and Obsession.

She also reviews her very difficult struggle to become a mother (she lost a baby at eight months of pregnancy and underwent eight in vitro fertilizations to have little Amanda) and has also talked about her friendship with Sea Flowersbroken for years: “If she changed when she met powerful people… I don’t want to continue there, I’m in another moment of my life. Let each stick hold its candle”has said.

Last May, and after a decade away from the spotlight, the model resumed her public activity in a photocall. She had only been mother to her second daughter, Amanda, born in December, just five months ago. A much sought-after girl who came into the world eight years after her older sister, Sofia. Her relationship with Tito began after notorious love failures with well-known people such as José Mari Manzanares, José María González de Caldas and Masoud Badiyi. Sofía found stability with the president of the National Nightlife Federation (FNOC), who was also a partner in two of the most elite venues in Madrid: Le Boutique and Gabana 1800. Pajares was married to Begoña García-Vaquero, current wife of the also nightlife businessman Pedro Trapote.