Michael Thomas and DeVante Parker
Michael Thomas and DeVante Parker

Michael Thomas (Saints Wide Receiver) did pick up a fight with the Devante Parker (Dolphins Pass Catcher) over social media on Monday afternoon. Their fight is surely heating up Instagram while some clashes exchange between NFL players.

Michael Thomas and DeVante Parker Heating Up Instagram

Michael Thomas did surely enter the situation but only after DeVante Parker did reply to an “NFL on FOX” Instagram graphic. It seems like Parker was the one to begin everything while increasing the heating between the two players. DeVante did ask whether it will be tough to catch when Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore will be guarding or break up a pass while covering Thomas.

DeVante Parker was the one to pick up as he must be proud of his eight-catch, 137-yard showing while playing against Gilmore in December. Although Parker did not mention Michael Thomas in his response, Thomas did go all hot.

Michael Thomas was heating up while when writing,  “Go run some numbers up. Then you can talk I lapped you and you been in the league longer than me first-rounder.”

But Parker is not among people who will take it easy as he counters it with a thinkable response. DeVante Parker brings it all up about how Thomas is the target of Drew Brees. After which Michael Thomas did mention that Parker must blame his parents for inferiority genes instead of his Quarterback. But a short and straight answer was enough for Thomas as Parker writes, “quit crying bra.”

It was all happening alongside the “NFL on Fox” as the public bickering did continue in a rude and inappropriate manner. The Instagram comment section was the main attraction as two NFL players were taking on each other.

Although Parker has more experience in the NFL, Thomas was the one to have far more success than Parker. Michael Thomas has more than 100 receptions in the past three seasons each and that includes 149 in 2019.


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