The Ministry of Health and the Royal Spanish Football Federation have reached an agreement for the National Team to be vaccinated tomorrow at 10:00 am by the Armed Forces in the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas. The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has agreed to the request of Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, that all members of the Spanish delegation that will represent Spain in the European Championship receive the complete vaccination schedule. Darias has agreed to put the Janssen, a single-dose vaccine, to a part of the internationals and the Pfizer to the rest of the internationals who had a dose of this vaccine left..

For the internationals to put the complete guideline, they must give them two types of vaccines, the Pfizer for players who have already passed the virus and for those who have received the first dose of this vaccine at their clubs. The rest must receive a single dose, and the only vaccine that is dispensed in Spain with these characteristics is Janssen. Health has agreed to authorize vaccination with Janssen because The medical services of the Selection have signed that they assume all responsibilities, since Janssen in Spain is not recommended for those ages.

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The Federation is very grateful to the efforts of the Ministry of Culture and the CSD because, thanks to the intermediation of the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, José Manuel Franco, Secretary of State for Sports, and Albert Soler, General Director of Sports, Health authorization has been obtained to vaccinate the National Team. Luis Rubiales' request for vaccination was made a couple of months ago, but until last Friday, Culture and Sports did not do so in writing to Health. The army is ready to go to Las Rozas tomorrow, Friday at ten o'clock in the morning, to dispense the vaccines, as it has done with the Olympians who will represent Spain at the Tokyo Olympics.

Tomorrow Friday was the day indicated by the doctors of the Selection for vaccination for two reasons: first, because it was five days after the positive of Busquets and, second, because They do not want to take risks with the possible secondary effects of the vaccines for the debut against Sweden and in no case were they going to be vaccinated on Saturday and Sunday.

The conversations have been intense in the last hours and Luis Rubiales has achieved the objective in a negotiation that has come to fruition due to the search for consensus on both sides. Tomorrow all the members of the official delegation and the members of the parallel bubble will be vaccinated. The National Team will play the European Championship vaccinated. It is never late if happiness is good.