“He is a textbook manipulator and a natural cheater”

The soap opera starring Alvaro Muñoz Escassi y Maria Jose Suarez has slipped into conversations this summer. And it is that after his infidelities came to light, the rider declared this weekend in From Friday that he had “an open relationship” with the model, something she later denied. The tension between the two grows by the moment, something that is confirmed on the sets.

Public mirror He dealt with this issue this Monday during the heart-to-heart segment, More Mirrorin which most collaborators have agreed that the Sevillian contradicts himself all the time. Instead of questioning Miss’s word, what she should do is ask for forgiveness.

This has been assessed, for example, by: Laura Fawho has not been shy when it comes to giving his opinion on the rider. “Álvaro Muñoz Escassi is a manual manipulator”she said emphatically, and recalled that the rider carries on his shoulders a long list of disloyalties to other women: “He is unfaithful by nature.”

“It’s an X-ray of a book manipulator. He has manipulated María José all this time, because it suits him well to have a traditional partner, but he is a manipulator,” the journalist added.

The warning of Maria Jose Suarez

After the interview on De Viernes, María José Suárez’s followers poured out their support. It was then that she gave her first words. “You should tell your truth because this man has made you look bad.”one of her followers urged her to break her silence and step forward.

Said and done, far from staying silent, she announced that she would speak out on this matter in the coming days. “I’ll do it because today I found out that he was in an open relationship. He knows perfectly well that that’s a lie. What a disgraceful character.”she wrote to deny, again, that she was aware that Escassi had relationships with other people.

In this sense, Valerie, the woman with whom Escassi had relations while he was with his now ex-girlfriend, will also step forward. According to what was learned Informaliawill give an interview to Readings telling his truth after transcending the email he sent to Suárez revealing compromising information about Escassi.