“He doesn’t know anything about his son, I’m going to go all the way”

In the middle of the legal process for the paternity of Gabriela Guillen’s son, the Paraguayan has exploded against the ranchera singer. Despite the public recognition of Bertinwhere he accepted his responsibilities as a father, Gabriela She is very angry with the father of her child, as he does not fulfill any of what he promised, according to what they have assured this Thursday from Public mirror.

If you have been tested or are going to be tested, you are late“, the physiotherapist told the aforementioned programme. It should be remembered that, for the moment, Bertín Osborne has not attended the court summons. However, the singer would still have two more opportunities to appear.

Thus, Gabriela Guillén has stated that Fabiola Martínez’s ex does not care about his son and that, therefore, he will go all the way in this whole process.He doesn’t care about me or the baby. He doesn’t know anything about his son. I’m going to go all the way. I demand all of my son’s rights, including his financial ones.“, Gaby revealed.

These statements from the model come a month after Bertín’s statement intoning the ‘mea culpa’ and accepting his responsibilities as the father of Gabriela Guillén’s son: ““I was wrong, and I don’t want to keep doing it. Gabriela deserves all my respect and of course above us there is a minor who has to grow up in harmony, away from any controversy. It is a responsibility that I assume.”the presenter assured.