Hazard continues to be in the eye of the hurricane. And not only because of his performances with Real Madrid, in which he is increasingly relegated to a more and more secondary role. The controversy extends to his performances with his team, of which until recently he was the flagship. Now, the local media write about him as a kind of drag on which, yes, it is expected that he will return to his best level. Hazard started the game against Estonia that qualified the Red Devils for the World Cup in Qatar (3-1). But the one who scored, once again, was his brother … He was replaced in the 70th minute by Mertens …

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

But it was another of the night’s scorers, Congolese striker Christian Benteke, who fueled the debate about the Real Madrid player. “Hazard has a significant injury history and now avoids more contact in his game. When you carry a past like this, you subconsciously think about it. But it’s not because he doesn’t dribble five or six men anymore that Eden doesn’t dribble in more games. He no longer needs to do that to play a good game. Now he moves intelligently on the pitch, “said the Belgian forward.

Courtois and Hazard will have extra days of rest in this national team break, after Roberto Martínez, coach of Belgium, has released them. Belgium mathematically achieved qualification for the World Cup in Qatar by beating Estonia (3-1) last Saturday and nothing is being played in the match they must play this Tuesday against Wales. Faced with this situation, the coach has decided that the two madridistas return to their club.

Photo the Hazard

Hazard, once again, focused the debate on this last call. “Eden needs a new boost in his career. He has to go to a team in January where they can count on him and where he is important,” said former international Marc Degryse in an interview with Belgian media Het Laatse Nieuws. The former attacker was also encouraged to suggest an ideal destination in which to recover his best version: Newcastle. “Newcastle is ideal. All balls will go to him. If he can keep Newcastle in the Premier League, it could give his career a new boost,” he said.