Eden Hazard has returned to Real Madrid’s plans overnight. His goal in the Copa del Rey was worth the team’s qualification to the quarterfinals and, personally, a reprieve in the poor season he is experiencing. In fact, his good appearance at the Martínez Valero opens the door for him to start in a new match against Elche this Sunday, although it will be for the League and at the Santiago Bernabéu. “Tomorrow is a good day for Eden to start,” Ancelotti confirmed. in a press conference in which he spoke highly of some of his substitute theorists.

Photo the Hazard

However, the most remarkable thing about the coach’s conference is that he has been encouraged to confirm that Hazard is in Madrid’s plans for next season. “Eden is in the planning,” he stated emphatically.. Despite the few minutes he has enjoyed this season (752′ spread over 17 games), the Italian has not lost faith in his player and is counting on him for 2022-23.

This statement clashes directly with the messages that have leaked from part of the Real Madrid board, who believe that Hazard is going to run out of space in the team once the arrival of Kylian Mbappé is confirmed. The former Chelsea player is, along with Bale, the highest-paid player in the squad (around 15 million euros per season), an expense that the club is not seeing profitable. The continuous injuries, added to the lack of continuity this season, have reduced his performance and part of the Madrid leadership has lost patience.

His future will largely depend on the offers that arrive at the Bernabéu in the summer. Once his departure in January has been ruled out, the club is willing to listen to proposals for Hazard in the summer market. If there is one that fits what Madrid wants, they will try to get it out, but this will not be easy considering the investment made to sign him (more than 100 million euros) and the player’s salary.

Hazard still has a little over four months to change the dynamic and convince that part of Real Madrid that looks at him skeptically at this point. Physically, it is being his best season since he arrived since he has barely suffered muscle discomfort and has entered the calls regularly. Elche’s goal could be a turning point in his troubled time at Madrid. Ancelotti wants to give him a new vote of confidence.