the season of Eden Hazardsadly, has not been very different from those previously harvested in the Real Madrid. Harmed by injuries and lack of continuity, the Belgian has spent the year more time on the bench or in the stands than on the pitch.

A circumstance that, obviously, he is fighting to change and that was the main reason why he decided to undergo surgery at the end of last March to remove the plate that was placed on his ankle and that prevented him from playing normally.

And now, almost two months after that, the Belgian has already returned to training as one more in Valdebebas and it is possible that next Sunday before the Cadiz have a few minutes. His idea, although complicated, is to get to the final of the Champions of May 28 and, if you consider it so Ancelottito have minutes against Liverpool, a rival he knows very well.

The reality is that it is complicated because, in addition to his lack of competition rhythm, there is an excess of good performances by other teammates such as Valverde, Rodrygo or Ceballos and that, in the hierarchy, right now they are above him due to the enviable resume that the ex of the Chelsea.

Even so, Hazard will fight to the end and, what is certain, if all goes well, is that his presence in Paris he can help Ancelotti if he needs it to boost the Whites’ attack in the duel against Liverpool.

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