Steph Curry
Steph Curry

All of you must surely have heard the name of the popular American Basketball player, Michael Jordan. But it is believable to know that Steph Curry did just pick up a big endorsement. If you are thinking that it will be a company that wants to sell its products then you are surely doing a mistake.

Magic Johnson Speaks About Steph Curry

Recently, Magic Johnson, the former Los Angeles Lakers legend was having an encounter with the ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on Tuesday. When Stephen did ask Magic Johnson to name five current NBA players that will be able to play in Michael Jordan’s Era. The answer that Johnson did give was remarkable and you will like to hear about it.

Magic Johnson says, “That’s really easy for me,”. He continues,  “We start with LeBron [James], then KD, Kevin Durant, no question, I mean, that guy can score in any era, right? And I think Steph Curry could still shoot the way he’s shooting right now because I love watching Steph Curry play. And I think I would probably take Anthony Davis and the Greek Freak [Giannis Antetokounmpo]. Those guys could definitely play in the era that I was in, and other guys as well.”

Even though Johnson says that Curry can be able to play in Michael Jordan’s era, some people may have an argument about it. Some people may believe that Steph Curry is too small to play in Jordan’s era. But they want to remember that Detroit Pistons great Isiah Thomas was two inches shorter and 10 pounds lighter than Steph. So there must not be any second thoughts while guessing that Steph Curry can play in the era of the popular NBA player.

Steph Curry is surely tough to play in that era and if Magic Johnson is saying that Curry can do it then he surely can. There is no doubt given Magic Johnson’s experience and judgment level. It will be the end of the debate whether Steph Curry will be able to play in Michael Jordan’s era or not.


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