Harry’s 39th birthday in an ‘October fest’ style in a German restaurant: with sausages, cabbages and beer

Prince Harry turns 39 on September 15 and celebrates love with the woman of his life, Meghan Markle. Full of love and smiling, they appear sitting on a stand, in full view of the public. The actress is surrounded by the arms of her husband, Harry, who hugs her lovingly in koala plan. They flash their nuclear white-toothed smiles. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have staged their happiness and love in a still photo at the Invictus Games, in Düsseldorf (Germany), which settles the marital crisis.

They attended the volleyball match between Ukraine and Nigeria and walked hand in hand on the court. At public events, the dukes always hold hands. They communicate like this. It is part of your non-verbal language.

Afterwards, the duchess prepared a surprise dinner for her husband pre birthday in a German restaurant. They even took photos with the establishment’s staff. It was an informal dinner, based on sausages, cabbage, red cabbage and mashed potatoes and beer, as published The Sun citing magazine sources Hola in UK. Furthermore, Charles III’s son, very generous with tips, must have set the bar high.

The dukes, super relaxed during the evening, were accompanied by the team that works for them at the Archewell Foundation.