Harry and Meghan victimize each other and slip that the family was jealous of their popularity

This is a non-stop. The new bombs of the premiere chapters of Harry and Meghan arrive on Netflix this Thursday, December 15. For starters, the actress has revealed that a secretary to Queen Elizabeth II referred to her as a “foreign body.” The confessions are increasing when the dukes let it fall that the Windsors would be suspicious of their popularity and that they “stealed the spotlight”.

The context of Harry’s words is as follows: “The problem is when someone gets married, which must be a sign of support…and then they steal the spotlight or do the job better than the person who was born to do it.” That annoys people.” To decrypt this message, the British press assumes that he is talking about his father, Carlos, or his brother, Guillermo, when he mentions “the person who was born” for it. The damage is also incalculable when he claims that they (the Sussexes) did “better” the job of royal representation. “We were in that bubble, where everything is controlled by them. I couldn’t even send a photo to my friends,” the prince complains.

Harry slipped that after their 2018 wedding he didn’t think his wife would be treated like “a real rock star.” And one more bomb. There were two Megxits before the official one. This is revealed by the duke himself when he says that he planned with Meghan to go to New Zealand and then there was an attempt to go to South Africa, which could not be.