Harry and Meghan or how to stage their maximum happiness in a ‘fake’ house

The impact that the Harry and Meghan series has caused in the media is global. The testimonies and images of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their documentary have caused tectonic movements in the tabloids. Each gesture, each photograph and each word are subjected to millimeter scrutiny. The latest, Harry and Meghan’s mansion in Montecito (California). Everything indicates that the property that appears in the Netflix serial does not correspond to the house in which the dukes live. This is how some media insinuate and this is how TMZ picks it up. The digital also defends that choosing a house and turning it into a recording set is part of the entertainment industry.

Well it’s true. Converting a house into a set and making that space appear as if it were a real home is part of fiction, filming and series. That’s what the Sussexes would have done. Record shots, games in the garden and interviews on stage. Not at your house. The media point out that the mansion-set is a neighboring farm that is also located in Montecito. The luxurious house, with its pool, spa and gym, is sold for 33 million dollars (31 million euros). The Sussexes would have paid 14 million (13.2 million euros) for theirs. This can also be saved with two arguments: first, a more suitable scenario was sought for the recordings. Good. Argument two: Harry and Meghan, in a further effort to protect their privacy, decline to let the cameras enter their home and the producer opts to find another home. Below, two happy images in a house, which correspond to the second trailer, broadcast this Monday, December 12, in advance of the new episodes.

This second narrative does not hold up because it falls into its own contradiction. How can you defend the privacy of a house when you are counting it? all of your life: emotions, fears, tears or that intimate moment when Harry proposes to Meghan. All this in front of the cameras. On the other hand, the script of the series is based on the truth of the Sussexes. In “his version” of events and in “his story.” If we tell the truth, we tell the truth. To recreate the maximum happiness of the family home in a house that is not more suited to the entertainment industry than sincerity.