Swipe in the communication strategy of the Dukes of Sussex. three years ago Harry y Meghan they activated the Megxit button, left London and said goodbye to the Royal Family. They were looking for privacy, space to live a quiet life. How curious because, since then, they have not stopped exposing themselves in the media. In one way or another, they have been on the front pages of tabloids and on television around the world. If that historic interview with her friend and neighbor Oprah Winfrey was viral, the Netflix documentary series passed over us like a media tsunami. Above all, it caused tectonic movements in Buckingham Palace due to the image of victimhood that the dukes projected. The worst was yet to come. It exploded in the form of a devastating autobiographical memoir. In the book In the shadow (Spare)Harry emptied himself and aired out all the dirty laundry from his family, his brother and his father. And what is the result of all this mega exposure in the media and on networks? what is the balance? Negative. According to The Sun there is a turn of strategy. No more tears in public. No more victimhood. It’s time to be discreet. The question has more edges. Why now this swerve in your communication campaign? Does it have to do with the rumors of marital breakdown?

Thing The Sun in this story of Harry and Meghan’s discretion and choose the words “spectacular change of direction”. According to the newspaper, this surprising innovation in his public image campaign is simply due to a lack of material. Have they run out of secrets, no past to air, no dirty laundry to show the world? If so, what happens with that supposed new millionaire contract that they are about to sign with the streaming giant to shoot a documentary film about the disagreements with their respective families? If they have run out materialWhat are they going to talk about?

The story of grief that runs out

The public, the audience and his fans in networks would be tired of his story of grief. It’s been three years non-stop. To such an extent that the son of Charles III and his wife would have made the decision to put an end to this narrative of crying, tears and grief. This wish coincides with the scare they suffered in New York after having suffered a chase from some paparazzi that was described as an “almost catastrophic” episode and that reminded us of the terrible accident that ended the life of Diana de Gales in 1987 in Paris. .