Harry and Meghan and their ‘royal drama’: why don’t they already leave their title of Dukes of Sussex?

Addicted to drama, victimhood and its truth. Meghan y Harryin their Netflix series, they are dropping bombs in the form of testimonies and reflections that are causing tectonic movements in the palace. Such is the volume of reproaches that accumulate towards The Firmthat at the moment it is impossible to measure the damage that they are causing to the royal family.

To begin with, an institution, which is portrayed as cold, distant and not at all empathetic and that would be capable of “lying” in order to protect the Prince of Wales. “They hired people to spread information… They lied to protect my brother”, are the phrases that Harry has pronounced. A whole conspiracy against the Sussexes.

His brother, Guillermo, another victim of the docuseries. The heir comes off very badly. Harry describes him almost as a person who doesn’t control anger when he tells him of his decision to leave the family and leave London: “It was horrible to see my brother yelling at me and my father saying things that were not true and my grandmother, silent, sitting down and taking it in.” Overwhelming. In these words, Charles III remains as a man who tells lies; and his grandmother, the Queen isabel II, as a woman who does not act according to her position, but as a passive subject who was dedicated to listening. The breach that the prince has made in his family is very difficult to repair; and the distance that he has created with his brother, insurmountable.

Guillermo is one of the most harmed in this royal drama that the Sussexes have generated. That Harry himself compares Meghan with her mother, Diana, is a lot to compare. The similarities go more because of the media pressure, than because of what the Princess of Wales meant and her immense legacy in her commitment to the most disadvantaged. Harry persists in digging up from memory Diana’s fatal interview in Panorama, when, deceived, she put herself in front of the BBC cameras. Faced with so many cospiranoid accusations, why don’t they renounce their title of Duke of Sussex now? Is one of the questions that Richard Kay throws into the air in the Daily Mail.