Simona Halep (Constanza, Romania, 29 years old) has joined the debate on supremacy in the Grand Slams between Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal, tied at 20 titles). The former world number one believes that the Balearic (both coincided as champions in 2018) He will soon move on to the Swiss, because he sees him as a clear favorite to win Roland Garros again in 2021. “I firmly believe that he will win, it is his home. If this year he was able to do it with all the conditions that were, cold, hard terrain, and did not lose a set, I see him winning two or three times more and even four. ”

Halep, however, opts for Federer as a tennis player: “I like him more for the beauty of his game, for the way he plays this sport. You have the feeling that he doesn't sweat, that the shirt is still ironed after the game is over. “

Federer's absence from the Australian Open puts Nadal on a plate with the possibility of beating him with a 21st major trophy, as he will have two chances, the first in Melbourne and the second at Roland Garros, where the Genius of Basel could play again, who plans to reappear in March.


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