Erling Haaland continues to improve averages at Borussia Dortmund. The Norwegian already exhibits better numbers than last season. Nothing slows him down and he continues in an ascending phase. 19 goals in 16 games, with 1287 minutes played, averaging 1.33 goals every ninety minutes. Brutal, better than in its premiere last season at Borussia. He has already come to play the same as in his first half season in Dortmund, where his impact was already enormous. From January to May, Haaland played for Borussia during the past 1288 minutes with a performance of 16 goals and two assists. He scored 1.12 goals every ninety minutes and gave 0.14 goal passes. Well, that already makes it better. He's at 1.33 and 0.21 assists per game – he's already given three.

Haaland fever does not stop. Borussia were not going through the best of their moments and without him in the month of December they won a game of four, with two defeats. That cost Favre, the coach, his job and Terzic has succeeded him. Having forgotten the muscular problems, Haaland returned to his rights against Leipzig and endorsed him a double to leave the Red Bull without the leadership. He has regained his feelings after returning to Wolfsburg.

Lothar Matthäus, the Bayern legend and world champion with Germany, is impressed. “Haaland is a machine, what he does in the field with his size, dynamism, power and passion is crazy. Technically, too, he has started the year in an outstanding way”, he has written in his column in Bild Lothar Matthäus about the Norwegian . It has even gone further. “Haaland is the face in Dortmund. And I think he is not on the edge yet, but he will learn. He has a life plan totally focused on football. He is a machine. A hurricane that knocks you down. For me it is sensational at 20 years” , sentence. Real Madrid is one of the teams that is most interested in hiring the striker. Matthäus is not surprised. “At some point he will play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. But I hope Dortmund and the Bundesliga will enjoy it for a few more years,” he says.

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