Gwyneth Paltrow, tried for the alleged broken four ribs of a retiree while skiing

american actress Gwyneth Paltrow He is facing a trial in his country since Tuesday, in which a man accuses him of having caused him all kinds of injuries during a ski accident that took place in 2016, seven years ago, in a winter resort in the state of Utah. , in United States. He asks the movie star for $300,000 in compensation, after the judge lowered his initial claim to $3.1 million.

The account of the plaintiff allegedly assaulted by the interpreter included how Gwyneth had forcefully knocked him down and left him unconscious without attention, and that the encounter had caused him to break four ribs and a permanent traumatic brain injury.

According to the ruling, the fateful accident on the snow “left him with four broken ribs, pain, depression, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress and disfigurement,” according to the complaint filed by 60-year-old retired doctor Terry Sanderson.

The man denounced in 2019 the interpreter of Shakespeare in Love, three years after the small accident, and it was when he pointed out that “he knocked him down hard and left him unconscious.” The lawsuit included nothing less than a demand for compensation of $3.1 million for all the damages he claims the incident caused him. However, as the judicial investigation progressed, the amount allocated to payment for damages was significantly reduced to $300,000.

Paltrow has defended herself at the trial hearing by indicating that the blow was received by her, a version that has been corroborated by the instructor with whom the nine-year-old son of the actress was, who, although he did not witness the exact moment in which that the accident happened, he only heard her scream and when he turned, she was also on the ground.

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The Goop founder has denied Mr. Sanderson’s accusations from the outset, in which she also accused him of wanting to exploit his fame and wealth with the incident. The Oscar winner stated her intention to testify and defend herself against her, and she has fulfilled her promise by going from day one to a trial that will probably last a total of eight days.

The blow was taken by her, according to Gwyneth

The events occurred in February 2016, when the actress and the doctor coincided skiing on the Deer Valley Resort beginners track. He heard a “hysterical scream”, according to her, and then felt a blow from behind and lost consciousness. Paltrow, instead, explained that it was her whistleblower who hit her from behind, for which she stopped skiing and the man apologized to her. Then she told him that she was fine and that she had nothing to worry about.

So much so, that the star has already stated that in the face of the false complaint, she seeks a “symbolic” compensation of one dollar plus her lawyers’ fees.

Both versions seem to acknowledge that the retired doctor fell after the collision, and according to the Skier Responsibility Code, a Summit County (Utah) ordinance, skiers must stop immediately at the scene of the collision and help any injured person to give him reasonable assistance.

In a few days we will know how the star, who lately has starred in more than one surprising piece of news, such as the one related to her sale of vibrators, the use she makes of ozone therapy or that of vagina-scented candles, gets out of court for good or bad. or her orgasms, which she sells through her brand of wellnessGoop.