The state of health of Maria Teresa Campos has suffered in recent months. The fall he suffered on December 31 even caused him to have to go to the Clínica de La Luz days later to have a series of tests performed. Next to him are his daughters and, of course, the driver Gustavo.

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He continues to be his trusted man, despite all the controversy surrounding him due to the serious accusations of Kiko Hernandez. carmen borrego He already spoke this Tuesday of the chat group that both shared with Belen Rodriguez, in which they laughed at his physique. “The person who has apologized to me and who has taught me has been Gustavo, so that he knows what things that have been told are not like that. Gustavo has been accused of uploading photos of me to laugh at me and it has not been like that. From my double chin, for example, Kiko Hernández”, he explained.

The Campos sisters are not interested in María Teresa being aware of everything that is said about her on the Telecinco sets. “They want the people who go to her house to make her happy and entertain her, but not to upset her by telling her gossip, because Teresa needs a lot of peace and stability,” a source close to the Campos clan told the magazine this Wednesday. Week.

Gustavo is like another son to her. have him and Carmen do to trust him despite everything. They know that her mother could not live without her support: “Despite the differences that Gustavo may have had lately, Carmen and Terelu row at the same time to the same side, because they all want the best for Teresa.” Therefore, they think that “this cannot tarnish a relationship of 30 years and the affection that Gustavo and Teresa have for each other. This is something that Terelu herself has recognized,” they add.

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Gustavo is María Teresa’s stick, especially at this time when she doesn’t even want to receive visits from her dearest friends at home: “Gustavo is the one who spends the most time with Teresa and the one who, by insisting, gets some times that she agrees to go for a little drive, even if it’s in a car, to play a game of cards, to watch a movie or to have a chat”. For all this, Carmen and Terelu are interested in keeping this relationship untouched no matter how much is said on the sets: “His role is essential because Teresa loves Gustavo very much and Carmen and Terelu know that very well.”

The environment of María Teresa does not hide the concern that there is for the veteran communicator, who turns 82 in June: “She has us very worried. She has always been a very sociable person, who loved to receive her friends at home, organize lunches and dinners and now she doesn’t want to see anyone. She doesn’t even feel like playing card games with her old friends, who used to be sacred.”

In this sense, they add: “The truth is that he does not feel like anything and we are concerned because the mood is essential for health in general.”

Gustavo’s exclusives

In Informalia A few days ago we revealed the reason why the driver from Malaga flirted with the exclusives of the magazines in 2021: “Gustavo had never considered granting an interview. They have been offering it to him for years and he has never wanted to. Until he found himself in need “Sources close to us told us. The person in charge of Teresa Campos’s accounts stopped paying her salary and when she asked questions she was told not to worry that it would be paid shortly.

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Of course, Terelu and Carmen allowed those exclusives. They tell us that he hasn’t done anything behind his back and now neither. Everyone knows him very well. They are more than 30 years together that could end abruptly, something that neither party wants. To this day, it is Terelu who takes over Gustavo’s payroll after María Teresa’s problems with the Treasury.