Only ten days have the participants of VIP Big Brother in Guadalix’s house and they have already forgotten about the cameras. At least, Gustavowho was the driver and trusted man of Maria Teresa Camposwhich has begun to reveal anecdotes and information unknown until now: “They told me ‘If you take a photo of María Teresa inside the room… They offered me a pasta, but a pasta! And I said ‘But you’re an idiot!'”

Gustavo has told his colleagues why he participated in two exclusives with his former boss: “María Teresa Campos asked me, she told me ‘People have to know what you are like.'” And he has revealed that he will not accept criticism even for his behavior with the Campos family: “Me and my girl were accused of very serious things, that she recorded with me… When Teresa was left alone in the summer and we went to sleep with her”. And he added: “The person who hurt me a lot, I have bad information about him. But I’m going to be silent”.

Gustavo’s words did not please Carmen Borrego. María Teresa’s daughter, now a talk show host This is lifedid not want to comment on whether it is true that her mother ‘invited’ the driver to do two exclusives with her and has settled the issue bluntly: “The only thing I’m going to say is that my mother has loved Gustavo very much and that is indisputable. Whatever Gustavo wants to say, I’m going to respect it.”