Without the passion of high competition football, there is time to analyze the numbers of the season. Those of Barça, to cry, in almost all aspects. The time has come, then, to look at the figures of the referees after seeing that in the Spanish League is where the referees have the fastest hand when it comes to showing cards. Leadership, moreover, is with a clear advantage. In Spain 5.53 cards are shown per game. Ahead of Italy (despite the fact that more fouls are committed there) and above the Premier where the referees, more permissive, show an average of 3.54 per game. In Spain, who draws the fastest is Hernandez Hernandez, which has shown up to 120 yellow and 6 red. The most irritable is Gonzalez Strong who has drawn up to 7 direct red cards, well above his teammates. Gil Manzano is, also by far, the one who has awarded the most penalties: 10. The team that has seen the most cards has been Valencia de bordalas (couldn’t tell). The team with the most expulsions, Valencia and Getafe with 8. By the way, can you guess which is the only team that has not expelled anyone in the entire League? The real Madrid. Not even one for double yellow. Do you know which team has seen the fewest cards in the League? Real Madrid, with 76. For Barça’s 97, Sevilla’s 98 and Atlético’s 112, the four Champions zone teams. And, finally, the team in the League with the most penalties in favor? Real Madrid, with 12 in 38 games. Good average.

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