Manchester City signed Rúben Dias last year in exchange for paying Benfica € 68 million, and in just a few months the central defender has already won the admiration of Pep Guardiola. The Spanish coach has not hesitated this Saturday to praise his pupil and admit that he is pleasantly surprised with him. What's more, he is convinced that he will mark an era at Manchester City: “When you hire a player, you think he can help the team, but you never know how much. His qualities and ability to understand the game are incredible. He always wants to learn and we are all surprised by his body and mental capacity ”.

Guardiola is surprised by Rúben Dias' professionalism and ability to comply with the invisible and complementary training. “In the morning he works every day in the gym, makes his plan, eats perfectly. Live this profession for 24 hours. Is a boy who you can play every three days and recover immediately. Having such a player just shows how important he is to the team. With 23 years I can guarantee that we have signed an amazing player for the next five, six, seven years, something that is not easy ”.

Since his arrival in the Premier League last summer, Rúben Dias has started 20 of Manchester City's 23 games this season.