The Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, was satisfied by the victory by 0-2 this Wednesday in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Borussia Mönchengladbach, in which It was the nineteenth successive victory, which gives them a favoritism for the title that the Catalan did not finish. Asked about the streak, he was ironic to answer his critics: “We have a lot of money to buy a lot of extraordinary players.”

Shield / Flag M. City

“When I see how Bayern played on Tuesday, I don't think so (to be favorites). It's a big challenge to get the players back and make sure they are in the best possible condition, but if people want to say that we are favorites, okay, we will accept it“Guardiola told 'BT Sports' after the game.

Santpedor's team considered “good” the performance offered by his team in a first leg match that “is always more difficult”, but warned that they should be “colder” on occasions. “The one against one of Gabriel Jesus against the goalkeeper with 0-1 …. In this competition you have to be perfect to make sure you pass,” he warned. Finally, Guardiola praised Bernardo Silva, a “very intelligent” player. “We need offensive midfielders to attack the area and he did it. He has to improve at times and take risks in some positions, but he is very intelligent. He gives us something special and has a good physique,” he remarked.

Marco Rose: “We have played with a terribly good team”

Borussia Moenchengladbach's coach, Marco Rose, recognized the superiority of Manchester City in his 0-2 victory this Wednesday in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League and noted that “it is very difficult to stop” when he is at his best. “Us we have faced a terribly good team that he had to fight, but in that state of form, Manchester City is very difficult to stop, “Marco Rose told 'DAZN' after the match.

The German coach believes that “barely” they were able to reach the vicinity of the 'citizen' area, “especially in the first half.” “We defended relatively well, but it is very difficult when they keep attacking you with everything“He admitted.” Now we have to be together. My guys put a lot of themselves into tonight's game. We have to keep our heads high, be true to ourselves and take the game to the second leg, “said Rose.


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