Guardiola: “I don't have to say anything, Leo explained it very well”

Pep Guardiola has spoken before Manchester City's premiere in the Premier League, next Monday against Wolverhampton, and has valued the imminent arrival of Thiago to Liverpool: “England will enjoy with Thiago“In addition, he did not give more details about the Messi case.

Expectations for this season: “It's the same good feeling as always. I've always been more than satisfied with my squad, I know that the club has done everything possible to make it happen. I am lucky to have these players“.

What happened to Messi?: “I don't have to explain anything. Leo explained it very well, I have nothing to add. He is a footballer for Barcelona, ​​the club I love, and I have nothing more to say“.

Transfer of Thiago for Liverpool: “I have not considered it. In his position we have enough players. I think England will enjoy a great player“.

Foden controversy: “Okay, you know you made a mistake and that's it.”

Arrivals from Aké and Ferrán: “We have to help them acclimatize as soon as possible. They are two very good people and they are going to help us. “

Aguero Recovery: “You haven't trained with us yet.”

Positive for Covid-19 of Mahrez and Laporte: “Laporte still won't be for the game against Wolves but Mahrez will be.”