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Two goals from the Frenchman, the last in the 94th minute, free Bara from the disaster in Ibiza after another disappointing match (1-2).

Germn, helpless against Griezmann's left-foot in the 1-1 action.

Eight days after the president Josep Maria Bartomeu fire goodbye Ernesto Valverde and hire Quique Setin, the fourth option in the spare parts list, Barcelona experienced a torment in the 16th of the Copa del Rey against Ibiza, a Second B team. Antoine Griezmann, in the absence of the pantocrtor Messi, ripped the Catalans out of a living hell. The world champion with France, in his two only interventions of mrito, scored the goal of the tie and also the one of the triumph, already in minute 94 and when the extension already appeared. The Bara de Setin lives on the pica. Quin was going to tell him.

The game perpetrated by Barcelona in Can Misses referred those falls to Figueres, Novelda or Gramanet at the beginning of this century, when the Catalans were eliminated in games without return of the Cup. Bartomeu, the day he presented a Setin that it could not be believed that they had entrusted such a task to him, assure that the change of technician will serve to obtain a “impulse”. In the league premiere against Granada, Messi had to relieve the team when the opponent was left with one less. In the absence of more goals, we are dedicated to counting passes. Bad symptom.

In Ibiza, and without the Argentine over there -Setin granted him rest next to Piqu, while Busquets was low by sanction-, the Bara behaves like a table of pinball. Without the tactical scheme (3-5-2) offering solutions. And, above all, without football players ready to rebel. Only Ansu Fati, who less responsibility should have, insist on intimidation.

The first act of Barcelona in Ibiza not only not better seen before Granada, but worse. Setin attended again to the monopoly of the ball, with records of possession again mastodnticos. But it's no use having the ball if you don't know what to do with it. That should not be called position play. There was no way for the Catalans to find superiorities, either by the throat of the field or by the banks. And the rival area was nothing more than that hallmark oasis of a hallucination.

1-0 and Riqui Puig

Sergi Roberto formed in a line of three in the back next to Lenglet Y Junior Firpo. Those who had to open the field at the ends were Semedo, a disapproval, and Ansu Fati, the only one willing to overflow and depth. Whether it was for the band, or for interior areas. Carles Prez paired with Griezmann in attack. From Jong, which in the second act could be redeemed with the assistance of the tie, act as a midfielder next to the twilight Rakitic. And also Riqui Puig.

Football, always extremist in the analysis, is able to deny you heaven and drag you to hell in a couple of days. Riqui, after his blessed appearance league, discovered the other side of this sport. When he was replaced 20 minutes from the end, still with 1-0 on the scoreboard, he just sunk on the bench. Quiz looking for answers to your bad night. The mental agility is not enough this time to deal with the beefy midfielders of Ibiza. Beyond the lost balls, Riqui is condemned to the action of the inaugural goal. He was not able to chase, or even bother, to Javi Prez when he went to finish a center of Ra. Riqui stayed behind him, not knowing very well what to do. Pep Caball The episode concluded. He interposed the former captain of Cornell on the path to goal with his knee so that Net You will run out of options.

Far from reacting, Barcelona continues in them. There was no option to reach the hot zone of Ibiza. And the soccer players of Pablo Alfaro, that they run as if the demon were chasing them, they even hovered the second goal. TO Rolled they canceled one for pushing Lenglet. The same forward saw how Neto denied him the net after Ra, after breaking De Jong, fired at the stick.

68 minutes to knock on door

The Catalans did not react until Ibiza began to fail forces, well into the second act. In fact, the first shot on goal by the visitors did not arrive until after the time of the game, in the 68th minute. Setin nervously shook the bench. Carles Prez march to enter Jordi Alba; Arthur he left his pubalgia and replaced Riqui Puig; while Arturo vidal and his agnico football – that so Valverde's own solution – emerged when Barcelona regained some air with the goal of the tie. The reason had to be sought in an episdic action, devised by De Jong – the assistance should be rumored when he was still in full swing – and crowned at the first touch by Griezmann.

Ibiza set out to resist, even knowing that reaching the extension will be a feat no matter how much its rival would not have given a right all night. The premises were freed when the referee, without the reference of the Machiavellian VAR, got a clear push from Grim to Ansu Fati that should have been a penalty. The battalion of Pablo Alfaro was already dreaming of extra time when Alba reached a clearing in the career of Griezmann, again precise in the shot, and that qualified Barcelona for the round of 16 of the tournament.

The team that Setin threw to goalkeeper three times and scored two goals. The last of them already climbing the stairs of the scaffold. This Barcelona continues to live on the edge. Before without the ball. And now with the ball. What twisted sport.

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