Eduardo Fernández, president of the Unión de Peñas del Atlético, summarizes in one sentence in an interview in 'L'Equipe' what the return of Griezmann means for the fans. Advancement: little. “It doesn't represent much,” he says. And also how he will be received in the match against Porto in the Champions League, which will mean his return to the fans because against Espanyol, his first game was in Cornellà. “How will the fans receive Antoine Griezmann?“asks the French newspaper. Some of the audience will whistle and insult you, that's for sure. When his name is announced and as soon as he touches the ball. A minority will still applaud it. Although I did not like what he did, and remember him and forgive him, I am not going to do that either. Like most followers. Because to whistle one of our players is to shoot himself in the foot“.

“What are you blaming him for?” Asks' L 'Equipe'. “His departure and especially the way he did it hurt us. It is unanimous among the sympathizerss. We have the feeling of having been misled and deceived. Like during an infidelity. We were still together and he went to look elsewhere behind our backs. We experience it as a betrayal. What we blame him is for having played with our feelings. Despite everything he could say, it wasn't quite as true to our colors. “

What image do the fans have of him now?“Closes the interview. Eduardo Fernández is clear:” Disenchantment “.”Before, he was our idol. Now he is a player like any other. It doesn't represent much anymore. Your image has seriously deteriorated. We are all still hurt by what he did. Time will have to heal our pain. You will have to regain our trust and our love. It is up to him to be forgiven and redeem himself. How or what? Scoring. When you set important goals, little by little things will return to normal.. Because he can become the great player he was again, I am convinced. “


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