Great plan for an aperitif on the beach with friends and that ‘Off-White’ look

Attention Ibiza: summer is here. Victoria Federica is to Ibiza what Ibiza is to Vic. Her plan this year is a beach getaway with her gang of friends: the daughter of Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar has landed on the Pitiusa island and has taken to the sand. Great plan.

Without letting go of her mobile phone and paying attention to all her friends, Vicmabor sat back in the hammock. From her position, she enjoyed the views of the sea, the Mediterranean sun and the company of her gang. Photos, poses and laughter accompanied the moment of the aperitif. Holding on to her soft drink, she acted as a photographer for her friends with whom she was very affectionate.

We see Froilán’s sister wearing her Off White outfit of a T-shirt and casual Bermuda shorts. Unofficial ambassador of the brand, Vic avoided the bikini and decided to stick with her clothes. Off White is one of the most recurrent brands in her wardrobe (photo below from her Instagram: the floral shirt has a price of 590 euros).

This Ibizan getaway coincides with who could be her new signing: Àlex Recort. The daughter of the Infanta Elena, partying in Girona on Juan’s night, spent the hours very affectionate with this guy, according to some attendees. Information from the Mamarazzis podcast co-written by Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez. Another candidate to win Vic’s heart: Albert Arenasthe Moto GP rider with whom she had a relationship in the past. Time will tell.