The National Association of Graphic Press and Television Reporters (ANIGP-TV) asks the Ministry of Culture and Sports for a dialogue table to establish a protocol that allows them to cover training sessions for professional leagues and the LaLiga parties, scrupulously respecting the security measures decreed to combat COVID-19.

The ANIGP-TV statement reads as follows:

On May 25, the professional associations launched a manifesto where we made public our demand that the graphic informants could access the training sessions and games organized by the teams. and Spanish professional leagues. As of today, we have not received a response to this request from the Superior Sports Council or from La Liga, which is the one that is most affected by this measure.

We consider it a very serious fact that in the absence of 10 days for the beginning of the league, the graphic informants of the press and television continue to be unable to enter sports training, and that we do not even have official confirmation to enter the league matches, taking into account two aspects that we consider very remarkable:

one-. We are an essential service

2-. The only professional sector that today is prohibited from working.

On the other hand we are still waiting an official statement by the CSD clarifying the scope of the different drafts with which it is working. In these days information has appeared in RRSS on the possible entry of 8 graphic informants in First Division venues and 4 in Second. We do not know the veracity of said information, which if true We consider it to be very insufficient considering that, for example, in closed rooms such as the Congress of Deputies, 8 photographers are allowed inside the Chamber.

Other European leagues have already resolved this issue to the satisfaction of all parties. We attach photographs of how they have done it and urge the Superior Council of Sports and La Liga to be compared to them.

From here we want to transfer once again our willingness to dialogue at a joint table.