From heroism … to miracle. That second goal of Manchester United a few minutes to go, convert the dream to the dream of the grenade in a feat, consisting of winning at Old Trafford by at least two goals. Almost a miracle. A set red devil Serious and imposing, in advance by Solskajer of the virtues of the European revelation, as he has been showing as a characteristic feature in this final stretch of the season, his punch prevailed over the illusion of a Nasrid bloc with more nerve than offensive arguments.

Many of them remained on the bench, with the substitution of Machís. So the grenade based his plan on defensive shelter and set pieces luck, with the masterful laboratory of Diego Martinez. But it was enough half a mistake and a millimeter pass from Lindelof from the rear on Rashford's boot, to, in three touches, beat Rui Silva and demolish the Andalusian house of cards. The plan, after a great start, faltered after United seized the helm without any response.

Final ten minutes, with a shot of Yangel, the best, to the stick included, they fed the faith. But the second half suffered the same fate, with the reality of United, without letting go of the baton imposing himself, in the absence of offensive arguments from the grenade, that in the few it had, under the protection of the overflow and the tusk of Kenedy, ran into a From Gea that did not accuse inactivity. The final thrust, with a penalty of Eteki on Bruno, which transformed the Portuguese himself, leaves the Nasrid dream flickering.


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