Grace: “The result does not change the needs of the team”

Match analysis: “The duel had different moments, the rival dominated more in the first half and reaching the break with that 2-2 kept us in the game. In the second half, without starting the first minutes very well, we have grown with work of all, those who have started and those who have entered later. Today's result was a matter of 23 and this has been reflected because we got very good feelings in a week with many problems and many absences “.

Guillamón's absence: “We have not been fluid to get the ball, so we conceded the goal as soon as we started. It is true that he knows how to get the ball well, but each player has some virtues and I look for the best for the team in all phases of the game. , not only in the section of the exit of the ball. Hugo is very valid and he will demonstrate it throughout the season “.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Possible reinforcements: “Today's result does not change the needs of the team, but it is true that it shows us that the players we have like Yunus or Esquerdo, we have quality in the squad.”

Yunus Party: “There is the wood of a player in him, he has shown a level of demand worthy of mention. You have to value him and take care of him so that he continues to grow at Valencia.”

Defensive weakness: “The result can not cloud what we have done wrong because we have been very weak, something that had not happened to us until now. It will be difficult to score four goals in each game.”