Götze, still without a team, wants to win the Champions League

Former German international Mario Gotze, who is still without a team after ending his contract with him Borussia Dortmund, said he does not want to finish his career without winning the Champions League which he considers the best competition there is.

“I have ambitious goals and I want to win the Champions League. That motivates me every day. I don't want to finish my career without having won that title,” he said Götze in an interview with the newspaper Bild with which he broke the silence he had kept for months.

Götze scored the winning goal of Germany at the end of World Cup 2014 but consider that the Champions League it is “the most stimulating competition that exists for any player”.

“Our title in 2014 was also wonderful. But you do your day-to-day work at the club and that's why there is nothing above the Champions League“, said.

Götze started his career in the Dortmund where he became a revelation of German football and won the Bundesliga in 2011 and 2012 when he also won the Germany Cup.

In 2013 the Dortmund, with Götze, reached the end of the Champions League who lost 2-1 to him Bayern. GötzeHowever, he could not be in the final due to a muscle injury.

In the 2013/2014 season Götze signed by him Bayern where he stayed until 2016, when he returned to Dortmund. At Bayern Götze he had a good first season and then his performance declined, partly due to recurring injuries.

When he returned to Dortmund He was diagnosed with a metabolic problem and never managed to earn a start at his old team.

Regarding your new destination, Götze He says he wants a club that plays the Champions League and does not rule out that it is a club Bundesliga.

“I have never said that I will leave Bundesliga. In Germany there are also ambitious clubs, “he said.

According to the newspaper Bild at Bayern the possibility of a return of Götze but the player claims not to know anything about it.