Zubieta It has been a fishing ground for lateral guarantee rights for a decade, a period in which this is the only position for which no external incorporations have been made. However, that plaza currently has only one tenant, on the eve of a grueling schedule. The constant pubic problems that plague and weigh Joseba Zaldua are leaving the clear lane to a Andoni
Gorosabel that you are knowing how to take your opportunity to look your best. For the moment, with its 'competitor' out of service, since it has not trained with the group in these two weeks of break, the side of Arrasate has a freeway in front of it attached to the lime line in this barrage of seven meetings in just three weeks.

Gorosabel He has been a starter and one of the most prominent realists in the five games played to date. In three of them, the Real was able to leave a clean sheet, a sign that defensive performance was high. The 24-year-old youth squad has played every minute except the last 17 against Getafe, in which Imanol replaced him with Aritz

At the moment, the beasaindarra is the only one who can give him a break from the right flank, but for that Imanol should break your axis of confidence behind, the one formed by Aritz and him Normand, something that, with Zubeldia still out of combat, not contemplated.

As it is, everything points to Gorosabel He is going to get fed up with ruining the grass of his band from now until November 8, in the League and in Europe. If he does it and maintains the type, he will manage against Betis to chain his best record of games in a row playing, six, and later, already exceed the record of minutes of the past year.

The devastating player already has 433 minutes in this league start and throughout the past year, in which Zaldua he was a starter, he reached 711. Therefore, if he plays normally against Betis, Rijeka in Croatia and Huesca and Napoli in Anoeta, he will have already exceeded his figure from last season. Injury to Zaldua it is benefiting him, but his performance is increasing and remarkable.

Experience in Europe

Despite his youth and having participated in only 35 matches with the first team, Gorosabel He is one of the few players who has already played in European competition with Real Sociedad. He did it in the Europa League of the 2017/18 campaign, hand in hand with Eusebius, the coach who made him debut three years ago. The full-back, renewed last June until 2024, played the 90 minutes in the two games against Vardar. In Macedonia, in fact, it gave foreign assistance to Willian

The right-back is the only position for which Real has not signed a player in the last eight years. In all the others there have been external incorporations, except in the right-handed lane. In fact, the last one to sign up was Gerardo
Lion in 2006, which was also a pivot, and the penultimate, a specific one like Cifuentes in 2005. Charles
Martinez, Estrada, Zaldua, Aritz, Odriozola Y Gorosabel, all of them homegrown players, have adequately covered that position in the last decade.


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